Graphic Design

Logo Design

Priced per hour.
Maximum Rate:                              $500
Minimum Rate:                               $175

Print Materials

One sheet flyer                             $75
(non profit rate)                            $25
Brochures                                      $125
(non profit rate)                            $75
Invitations                                     $75

Social Media

Banners / Ads                             $50

Graphics Package                      $100

eNewsletter Design                   $100

Website & Video

Site Design

Up to 15 pages                               $500

(Does not include site hosting)
(Does not include ecommerce)

Video Production

30 Second Advertisements          $200
Live Events                                      $200
(price based on 4 hour event)
Animations                                      $400

Content Turnaround

ONE WEEK turnaround for all digital graphics

TWO WEEK turnaround for all print designs. Includes one week review period, with a maximum of three revisions (in order to qualify for flat rate pricing.)

THREE WEEK turnaround for videos. Includes a one week review period, during which re-shoots and revisions can be requested, as needed.

FOUR WEEK turnaround for basic websites (up to 15 pages.) All graphics will be custom designed at no extra charge. If web hosting / domain name purchase / added site functionality are needed, they will be charged per actual cost, with no additional fees.